7 Steps to Start an Internet Business

Online Business

The internet has changed so fast these days and a study shows that an online year is equal to about five years in the real world. But the basic principles of how to start and develop a successful online business have not been changed at all. If you plan to start a small online business, do a quick review to see where you are not paying attention or you never took in the first place.

In this article, you will discover 7 steps that have been proven to attract more visitors to your website that can boost your sales.

Are you ready to start an Online Business?

Now you can follow a number of effective steps which will lead you to succeed when you are starting your online business.

I have seen thousands of people start and expand their business successfully completing the 7 steps to start an internet business listed below:

1. Find a need.

2. Make a Copy that will increase sells.

3. Design a website which is attractive and easy to use.

4. Use search engines to drive traffic to your website.

5. Create a good business reputation.

6. Keep track of sales by e-mail.

7. Increase your income by upselling techniques.

Now in below, we will describe a little bit about the 7 steps we already mention:

Find a need:

Most people who are starting their online business make their first mistake when they set up a business without getting the proper idea about the need of the customer demand. To increase the chances of success you have to start with the market demand. The trick is trying to find a group of people who are seeking a solution to a problem, but not find the result that will enough to solve their problem. On the Internet you can easily review this type of market studies:

  • Visit online forums regularly to see what type of problems peoples facing and what type of solution they are offering.
  • Do keyword research to find what they are looking for, and to identify which sites are competing.
  • Check out your potential competitors by visiting their websites and taking note of what they are providing to meet the demand. Then it will be easy for you to create a product in a market that already exists but do better than the competition.Online Business

Make a Copy that will increase sells:

There is a proven formula of advertising copy that takes visitors intention through the sales process while they arrive to purchase:

  • Give a striking title that will awaken consumer interest.
  • Describe briefly the problem your product could solve.
  • Establish your products or service as a solver of the consumer’s problem.
  • Add review for people who have used the product.
  • Talk about the product and how it covers the user demand.
  • Promote with offers.
  • Provide Warranties.

Throughout your copy, you need to focus on how your product or service is differing from others to solve people’s problems.

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Design a website which is attractive and easy to use:

Once you have the clear idea about your market and product, you are now ready for building your small business web design. Remember that it will the better if you maintain simplicity. One thing you have to keep in mind that you have less than five seconds to get someone’s attention.

Some important tips to keep in mind:

  • For the website, you can choose one or two common types of letters on a white background.
  • Make navigation simple as possible.
  • If you want to highlight your message use images, audio or video.
  • You can include an opt-in offer to get email addresses.
  • Make the buying process easy and simple.
  • Remember your website is your online store, so you should be customer friendly.Online Business

Use search engines to drive buyers:

The concept Pay per click advertising is the easiest way to get traffic to a new site. It has two amazing advantages over waiting for traffic to come to you in an organic way. First, PPC ads appear on the top of the search pages immediately, and secondly, PPC ads allow you to use different keywords, as well as headlines, pricing, and sales approaches. Not only you can get immediate traffic, but also you can use PPC ads to discover your best keywords and the highest conversion. Now you have the chance to distribute the keywords across your site which will help your website ranking in the search results.

Establish an expert reputation:

These days’ people use the Internet to find information. You can provide your site information for free by sharing to other sites, and you’ll see more traffic and better search engine rankings. The secret is you have to always include a link to your site with each piece of information.

Create some articles, videos or any other content that might people find useful. You can distribute that content through online article directories or social networks.

Use the power of E-Mail marketing to turn the visitor into buyers:

When you generate an opt-in list that you have in your hands it might be one of the most valuable assets for your online business. Your customers and subscribers will able to give you permission to contact them through email.

That means:

  • You have the access to give answer or solution for something they have asked
  • You are going to develop lifelong relationships with them
  • The answer will be 100% measurable
  • E-mail marketing is cheaper and more effective than any other print media, television or radio because it is very specific.
  • And today there is no better tool than email for tracking your potential customers.Online Business

Increase your income with upselling:

One of the most important marketing strategies for online business is the development of each customer’s life value. At least 36% of the people who bought your product or service will never buy again if you don’t follow up them. Remember closing that the first sale is the hard part for most of us. So you should apply upselling techniques to get them to buy again.

  • It may offer complement for the product they already purchased
  • After buying products put a offers “thank you” in the related page
  • Be kind to your customers for their loyalty and become even more loyal

Note that take an online course:

We recommend you to check out the online business course where you will learn in detail how to do SEO. This course offers the basic idea and the necessary tools to start an online business.


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