How VoIP works and how is it different from the traditional landline?

VoIP or voice over Internet protocol uses state of the art technology in order to enable you to carry out your voice calls over the Internet instead of the traditional phone line. It has replaced the traditional landline and the allows business owners to make calls at a much lower rate with the use of high speed internet.

How does it work?

Before you make the switch from the traditional landline to VoIP,  you need to understand how it works. VoIP converts the packets of data between the callers in the same manner as any other type of data. It uses Internet for the same and the calls can be made from your phone, computer, tablet or an IP handset. The entire process of making a call is the same as on any other phone. Since the data is transferred into an analog voice at the recipient’s end, you can receive as well as send calls to and from a cell phone or a landline. You only need to plug the phone into a network outlet in order to make a call using the Internet.

For efficient performance of the same, you need to have high speed internet and a service provider. There are numerous service providers who offer excellent services and the package can also be customized keeping your requirements at the forefront. Use ReveiwVoIP to make the right decision with regard to the service providers.

How is it different from the traditional landline?

A traditional landline will work by connecting calls through the use of circuit switching. This means that the connection between two parties will be made through a circuit and these circuits are enabled by a telephone network. As against is, a VoIP uses packet switching in place of circuit switching. It uses packets which are sent from the speaker to the receiver when someone says something. In case of a traditional landline, the connection is constantly maintained while in a VoIP, the connection will only be built when one person speaks something. This reduces the size of data which is required to be transferred from one person to another and also reduces the strain on the network.

VoIP calls can be easily made from anywhere to anywhere. All you need is a strong internet connectivity and a service provider. You can make calls over Wifi as well. Making calls on VoIP is as simple as using a landline. You can also use any device to make your calls. VoIP runs over the Internet which means it has higher ability to handle long distance calls and will cost you much lower than a traditional phone. It is highly flexible and the service providers offer you different packages to choose from.

You can take your pick keeping your business requirements in mind and the cost of the package offered to you. If you have special requirements, you can also ask for a customized package for your business.

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