Three Helps to Make Office Supplies Last

Office Supplies Last

Whether an individual works at home or in an office building, it can be surprising as to how quickly money is spent on business supplies. Here are three helps to reducing payroll on office supplies that are used on a weekly basis.

Quality Paper
Not all printer paper is created the same. Some paper is made for writing resumes. Other paper is intended to be used by a specific type of printer. People can save a lot of money when they change the type of printer paper they use. For many, they are using paper that is too expensive for office tasks.

Reusing Paper
Many companies go through office paper quite regularly for printing documents and reports. After this, the papers are usually recycled or thrown. While a number of items must be shredded due to security and privacy reasons, some one-sided documents can be reused. When it is appropriate, simply turn the used paper over and reuse the other side in the printer. Although it may seem like a small decision to make, the savings can add be over time.

Intentional Shredding
Quality shredding devices can be very expensive for office and personal use. When it comes to regular maintenance and replacing these units, it can certainly take a huge amount out of a budget. Instead of shredding everything, consider what must be shredded. A number of documents may simply need to be recycled. While this may save a few pages of paper, make sure that staples and paperclips are not put in a shredder. Remember that it takes a shredder more power to destroy a paperclip and a staple as compared to destroying a single piece of paper.

These principles of looking into appropriate uses of office items may be translated to a home as well. Whether it is time to look into purchasing a new dishwasher or treated wood poles, a little research can make a welcome difference. Although saving a few pennies may seem pointless, each cent can add up for big savings over the course of a year.

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