Rules for Effective Billboard Design

Billboards have long been an effective and eye-catching form of out-of-home marketing. Whether your company advertises with static billboards or digital screens, some basic universal design rules apply. To get the most out of your impressions, here are some guidelines you need to know before sending them off for sign printing Salaberry-de-Valleyfield qc.

A Single Image

Let’s start with the most common mistake marketers make when designing billboards: too much clutter! Assuming they’re driving or riding in a vehicle, your potential customer only has a few seconds to take in your messaging. The eye can only process so much visual information in that time. If you choose to incorporate a photograph or illustration in your design, make it singular and clear, and make sure it works in context with the text you include.

Seven Words or Less

Speaking of text, the same concept of clutter very much applies to words on the billboard. People don’t have time to read more than seven words while driving past a billboard. More than that, you risk having them not be able to see your full message. It can even become a safety concern as they take their eyes off the road! Stick to a single short sentence, your company’s logo, and a differentiated graphic with a phone number or website for more information.

Audience and Location Awareness

Like any other form of advertising, you must match your messaging to your audience. When you place your buy, you will be selecting billboard locations. Do your best to match them up with areas where your target demos will be driving to their homes or their places of work. If billboards are not available in those areas, modify your messaging to other demos based on the neighborhoods they are driving home to, or likely businesses to which they may be driving to work.

Billboards must be simple, clear, and clean to be effective. Keep these concepts in mind when you design yours.

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