How to brief your marketing agency for the best possible outcome

Whether your business is big or small, well-established or a start-up, you are likely to understand that marketing is an integral part of your company but be unsure how to achieve your marketing goals. One way is to employ a marketing agency that specialises in providing the best possible way of getting your company, its services and its products to your target market.

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You might be wondering how you overcome the next hurdle of getting your chosen marketing agency to understand exactly what you need, which is where a brief comes in. If you provide a detailed and specific explanation of your marketing goals and how you want to achieve them, both you and the agency will be working together efficiently.

How to brief a marketing agency

If you want the best possible outcome when collaborating with a marketing strategy consultant, it is extremely important to be clear about your objectives in a briefing document. This document can be sent prior to meeting face-to-face so that your consultant can further explore what you require to achieve your goals. The only issue is that if you don’t have much marketing knowledge, how do you know what you need to brief the agency on?

A marketing agency, such as, will work from a strategy that will be measured by value and productivity, which is why briefing them well is so important. This briefing document prevents any mistakes or misunderstandings by ensuring that everyone is on the right track from the very start.

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What information do you need to hand over? You should include the following:

– Business plan and sales forecasts
– Products and services
– Target market
– Competitor analysis
– Customer research
– Brand strategy
– Communication
– Marketing budget

Once all of these areas are addressed within your brief to your marketing agency, you should also assess which challenges you are facing when it comes to your marketing. Do you need more sales? Perhaps you need a better website, more leads, or simply a better all-round marketing strategy.

Briefing a marketing agency can be a pretty intimidating task; however, talking to an agency could help you to achieve your marketing goals and lead to more sales, better promotion of your business, and any other goals you set.

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