Five Ways To Be More Creative

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Creativity is, above all, concerned with finding new ways of finding solutions to problems and addressing situations. It is not a skill solemnly limited to artists, but also a beneficial skill for people from various other areas of life and work.

On this wise, here are some tips to help you increase and develop your creativity, and here are top 10 online casino to see your increased creativity in games.

Practice makes perfect

Flex your creativity muscles regularly. Try to set aside an hour every day to write, create, innovate – whatever your thing is – work on it daily. If you get stuck, go for a walk, clear your head or take a shower! A cognitive scientist Scott Barry Kaufman recently did a study that concluded that 72% of people get creative ideas in the shower. So, the next time you get stuck try using this simple trick to get you back on track, and you should try out some mobile online casinos to test it.


Kaufman’s study pointed out the importance of relaxation when it comes to boosting one’s creativity. The peaceful, solitary, soothing and non-judgmental shower setting may produce creative thinking by enabling the mind to drift freely, which results in us being more open to our inner flow and imagination. You don’t necessarily have to take a shower to get to this state of flow, but you should eliminate all distractions and set a relaxing surrounding in another way, with music, meditation, etc.


Try figuring out what time of day you’re at the top of your game. Once you do that, make a scheduled daily appointment with your creativity at this time. If you’re a morning person, grab a cup of coffee and a light breakfast and start flexing your creative muscles. If you’re a night owl, wait for things to settle, grab a shower and dive into your creative tasks. 

Lifelong learning and yearning

Adopt a mindset of a perpetual student. The world never stops teaching, so you should never stop learning! There is so much knowledge out there just waiting for you to grab it and dig in. Read books, watch videos and tutorials from your idols or experts in the field and study them deeply. 

One problem, many solutions

You should be aware of the fact that most problems have multiple solutions and it is your job to find as many as you can. Try brainstorming, six hats, mind mapping or some other technique that requires you to produce multiple scenarios in a single situation. Looking at a problem from different perspectives will lead to different solutions. Once you get them all, filter out the ones that work best for you and your current work and set aside the others – you might just need them for a future project!

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