Find more time for crafting with these hacks

It is hard enough to find a perfect work/life balance. But what about your craft/life balance? For those who love making things, how do you find more time to do the things you love?

In a report by The Crafts Council, sales from crafts were over £3bn in 2019, driven by a desire for ethical and now sustainable consumption. With all those potential customers out there, how do you find time to complete your craft and sell to customers?

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Setting a deadline

Having a clear deadline is important for several reasons. Deadlines create a sense of urgency and help to prioritise tasks. Knowing when something has to be completed creates focus and prevents procrastination. Knowing that someone is expecting you to finish your craft at a certain time creates a sense of pressure. Meeting your deadline helps to build trust with customers and creates a professional appearance, whilst also giving you a sense of achievement.

Breaking down the steps

If you feel overwhelmed by your crafting project, break it down into smaller steps. Physically ticking off each step moves you closer to the finishing line. It might even be possible to cross off a task a day. When you think of your project as a series of smaller steps, it’s easier to fit these “small pieces” into your day.

Talking about your project

Talking to a friend or attending a craft evening with like-minded people can help with your projects. Take your craft project along and work on it while chatting to others. Other people might even suggest other ways of working, which can make you more productive. Knitting kits are ideal to take along to crafting groups. Specialists such as offer a wide range of knitting kits designed for both beginners and experts, which could introduce you to a range of projects that you might not have thought about doing before, such as making a scarf or blanket, a toy or a cushion.

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Crafting doesn’t need to be hard work. Even five minutes whilst watching your favourite tv program can help to get it moving along!

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