Features of a Great Website

If you want your website to really work for you, then you need to build one that visitors like and enjoy using. Here are some of the top characteristics that all good websites have in common:

Easy to use

Ideally, nobody should struggle to navigate your site. It should be easy to use and the information clearly accessible without too much searching. Visit your site and try to be objective. Is it easy for you to jump to one page from another?

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A website is there to serve a purpose, so make sure that your site solves a problem for your visitors and has a definite function. Does your site need interactive properties? Can visitors communicate, keep up to date and easily find answers to their questions? Think about what you want the function of your site to be and focus on making this obvious and clear to users.


Everything on your site must be relevant, with no superfluous information. It must contain content and information that is totally relevant to your business or sector. By all means include tips, blogs, reviews and industry information but keep it relevant to who you are and what you do.

Up to date and optimised

In the digital world, if you don’t keep up with current trends, technologies and design, you’ll soon get left behind and your analytics will reflect this fairly quickly. It’s crucial to build a site that can support the needs of today’s users, with elements like responsiveness and fluidity. Your site must also support mobile and tablet browsing, or you will see search engines ignoring your site altogether. Optimise for different devices, data speed, download speed and search engines or you will miss out on a huge number of potential visitors.


A responsive site adjusts its layout to fit whatever device it is being viewed from. This is another must for a good website and links to the above point about being accessible for a range of different device users to all get the best experience from your site.


Your site must be able to load fast enough to keep visitors satisfied. Users are not very patient, and your site takes too long to load, they are likely to leave. If your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, you’ve got problems. For help and advice with all aspects of your site you could check Web Design Yorkshire companies at sites like https://www.etempa.co.uk/

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Security is one of the top concerns for web users today. You must ensure that your site is a perfect example of industry standards in terms of keeping users secure and offering protection throughout transactions. High levels of SSL encryption, secure password reset features and user detail encryption is essential for modern online businesses.


Your visitors must trust that your site will be up and running 24/7. If your site sends notifications and updates, does it do this when it says it will? If your site is regularly affected by issues and downtime, unfortunately your customers won’t keep coming back for long.

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