Could OLED TVs shortly get cheaper?

It’s the prospect of a cash saving that would delight TV kit fans everywhere, but are OLED TVs actually likely to get cheaper sometime soon?New reports suggest that TCL is moving into making OLED TVs and the firm plans to offer them at cheaper prices than are available on the market today. OLED is a more expensive technology to produce than LCD alternatives, even though wider adoption and increased manufacture is slowly bringing prices downwards.

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A new manufacturing method to drive down costs

However, TCL is confident that it can make OLED panels in a cheaper way that will allow it to offer ‘significantly’ lower prices when it launches its own range. The new production method will use ink-jet printed panels that act to print the OLED screens between glass panes. The current process, known as White OLED, that is found in today’s models is far more intensive – and therefore expensive – to produce.

In 2019, experts were predicting that a switch to the newer form of OLED inkjet printing could see production costs drop by up to a quarter for existing-style TVs and this could see OLED TVS at the entry-level drop far below the existing £1k mark. Good news for TV aerial installation Cheltenham as demand for these new TVs is likely to soar! Find out more at:

Analysts have noted that the new IJP manufacturing approach could dramatically reduce costs, making the cost of OLED technology competitive with traditional LDCs. It’s unclear yet whether these new style OLED screens will have as strong a resolution as their traditional counterparts.

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The end of the monopoly?

Currently, all panels on the market are produced by LG Display, which produces and supplies them to Philips, Panasonic, and Sony as well as to LG Electronics. This practical monopoly situation also looks set to change if other TV manufacturers end up in a position where they can produce cheaper OLED screens at scale.

Already, TCL is one of the world’s biggest sellers of TV screens and only third behind LG And Samsung.

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