3 dimensional storage: benefits and strategies

Thousands of companies across the globe are dealing in small components and parts, with the use of the internet to search and order these parts resulting in high volume distribution and fast turnaround times.

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This surge in demand and the ease with which competitors can be sought out has led to many companies offering a diverse supply of product ranges, increasing stock levels and creating the need for more efficient storage solutions. If your thinking of storage at home and the outside space is the only option, then Garage Shelving could help with this and you could find these products at sites including garage-shelving.co.uk.

As described by ScienceDirect, the layout of a warehouse is a major company decision that can have huge implications on space capacity, handling costs and ultimately a company’s bottom line.

Freedom of movement

Three-dimensional storage from providers allow companies to easily add more racking in a vertical or horizontal direction, helping to utilise the limited space available. The use of shuttles to retrieve smaller items and totes can increase the turnaround time and the need for expensive buffers; however, the three-dimensional element allows these shuttles to travel freely, moving across all levels and aisles of racking to create an efficient method of picking. This ability to move freely is created through the use of lifts and reduces the number of shuttles needed compared with a two-dimensional operating system, where an individual shuttle was needed per level.

With fewer shuttles in operation, it is easier to control the management of workloads. There is no longer a need for complicated algorithms, leading to a reduced amount of downtime per shuttle.


If a company’s demand for certain SKUs increases, it can simply add more racking – an easier and more cost-effective solution than adding extra shuttles. For companies just starting or looking to keep costs even lower, there are solutions such as used racking in. As the shuttles use a cross rail system, old-fashioned large conveyors that can shut down a whole distribution operation if broken are no longer needed.

Contrary to popular belief, a three-dimensional storage system is a cheaper investment than its competitor options. Due to its flexibility, it is easy for a company to start small and grow as distribution requirements inevitably change. Due to its fast installation and modular design, this system is becoming one of the most popular and cost-effective storage solutions, enhancing your company’s strategy of keeping costs low.

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