How to be a leader at work that differs from the traditional boss

How to be a leader

Characteristics of a leader and boss are quite different. Do you believe that in order to command a team, do you have to be a boss?

I’m sorry to inform you that there is a lot of difference between being boss and leader. In this article, I will explain how to be a leader at work that differs from a traditional boss.

There is often confusion between the two, sometimes because of lack of experience or even lack of tact. But it is a fact that a leader can be a great boss, but a boss cannot be a great leader. Got confused? Calm down, I’ll explain!

How to be a leader at work that differs from the traditional boss:

Traditional Characteristics of a boss

It tends to command people, impose orders and be authoritative. Characteristic of a boss is known for centralizing power and thinking only about results and profits. Commanding and ordering peoples are the key characteristics for most of the bosses at any office.

The boss is often feared, but not respected by his employees. His employees generally do not feel open to reporting problems. They do not have anybody for asking advice when they have questions and badly need help. Boss sees these collaborators as subordinates, who must follow his orders in the way that he finds most effective, without thinking of collective well-being.

He never encourages or motivates to his subordinates. Because he thinks doing an excellent job is the employee’s duty and when that does not happen, he makes a point of pointing out mistakes. The boss throws responsibility over to his team when something does not work out according to his way and boasts when a goal is achieved. The characteristics of a boss tend to command his employees and impose orders rather motivating them to become more effective. That’s the key difference between leader and boss.

How to be a leader

Characteristics of a leader

It drives people and inspires them. He is known to be a motivator of his team, showing the direction he should follow and more importantly, goes along.

Leaders tend to be highly respected by their employees and respect is far more effective than fear. The leader seeks not only results but the best way for the team and it to achieve them. He does not think of power as something centralized, but a responsibility that must be divided. That is the best way to achieves the characteristics of a leader.

The leader does not usually say that he has subordinates and mostly says he has a great team.  To be a leader at work listens to the people around you. Let them asking you questions. Try to seek to bring the best out of each one and values the abilities of individuals, respecting their difficulties and working together with the person to help them overcome them. The leader takes responsibility along with his team for the mistakes and shares the glory for the correct ones.

Good leadership can bring benefits to the company as a well- motivated and well- motivated team becomes more efficient. A boss has a tendency to command people, impose orders and be authoritative. Here is the key difference between leader and boss characteristics. You have to know how to be a leader at work to achieve your desired goal.

So I’ve separated some tips that will help you become a true leader.

How to be a leader

5 useful tips on how to be a leader in life

Forget this story of “I have no leadership profile”. Everyone has qualities to lead. Some people are already born leaders, others need to be perfect. Check out some steps to improve your leadership skills.

Broaden your knowledge

Being a leader means helping people for their need and without knowledge, none of this possible. Therefore, a good leader is always up to date on everything that happens in his market, seeking new knowledge, perfecting his skills and his team.

Read books, study, attend lectures, take courses. Being in constant evolution will be good for you, the company and the people who are growing up around you.

Be better and better at what you do

If you want to be a good leader, continuous preparation is very important. Identify the points you need to improve and do more, more and more. Find ways to refine and work on your weaknesses and do even better at it.

For example, if your goal is to be a leader, think of the strategies you lack for it, read, study, and do more and more.

How to be a leader

Stop wasting your time

Your time is worth gold. Do not spend minutes or hours doing execution tasks, delegate whatever is not your job and use your development time and deliver more results.

Define your priorities, plan, divide responsibilities and deliver what is not your job, give your employees autonomy. This is a great opportunity for you to build confidence in your team.

Do what you have not done yet

Do you know all those tasks and projects that you have not done yet? Then, once you organize your tasks, set priorities, and delegate roles, you will have time to execute everything you need to be a better leader.

If you do not have any projects, start thinking about one. What you, as a leader, can do for your team, to improve the organization’s results.

How to be a leader

Put Your Plans into Action

Take all your plans off the paper and put them into action. It’s no use planning and not executing. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and improve your team’s engagement.

Remember that a leader needs determination and commitment. As challenging as it sounds, if you do your homework right with the steps outlined here, you will surely become a better leader.

Ending with a positive thought:

Those were the key difference between the characteristics of a leader and boss. As you already know the key difference between the boss and leader. Which one do you want to be? As my opinion leadership is much respectful than being the traditional office boss. Did you like these tips on how to be a leader at work that differs from the traditional boss? So share on your social networks and keep track of our content.

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