The Digital Nomad’s Survival Guide

Digital Nomad's Survival Guide

The concept of moving from city to city for each new project as a graphic designer, online marketer or copywriter certainly does not appeal to everyone, but those digital nomads who live on the road have to take some fairly unique steps to maintain a sense of permanence in an ever-changing landscape. From selecting a work space to getting mail, living as a digital nomad takes effort.

Choosing Where to Work

One of the best things about working in a field with a lot of flexibility is the fact that each entrepreneur can choose his or her own work apace, and work hours are also typically set by the individual. Co-working spaces generally provide excellent internet, free coffee and a group of like-minded people who share a passion for digital professions. However, those who prefer to work at atypical times may do better in a 24-hour diner or another location with strong coffee, late hours and a flexible staff.

Remain Focused and Outgoing

Living on the road can be incredibly difficult, and it can be quite lonely at times. Instead of wallowing in those feelings, meet new people. Talking to virtually everyone and seeking out people in the same business are excellent ways to stave of the hardships of the road. Remembering to remain focused on the professional tasks at hand is also useful when trying overcome the trials of the road.

Managing Bills and Other Mail

Without having a fixed address to visit every time they are home, bills and other mail can be difficult to deal with for digital nomads. While using the address of a family member or friend for identification purposes is certainly helpful, having them handle the vast amounts of mail that most adults get is somewhat of an unreasonable request. Paying as much as possible online and renting a mailbox is a good way to deal with those bills and other pieces of mail that need somewhere to go. A New York mailbox rental, for example, will be far more efficient than sending mail to someone back home.

Remember to Keep Breathing

While living on the road is difficult at times, it is also a great way to for an individual to discover who they are and what makes them happy. Take advantage of each and every day to make the best out of being a digital nomad.

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