How to Choose the Right Graphics For Your Exhibition Stand

The right choice of graphics is essential for the success of your exhibition stand. The most effective graphics should be vivid and eye-catching, communicating your marketing message in a compelling way. Graphics should also be designed to last for many years, so you can save money on replacement graphics. In addition, you should look for an exhibition stand builder who is skilled and experienced in placing a variety of elements in the perfect position to maximise the impact of your stand. When you require Exhibition Stand Hire professionals, go to a site like

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The psychology of colour plays a big role in the visual impact of your display. Different colours attract different audiences for different reasons. Therefore, choose the right colours for your graphics to stand out in the crowd and appeal to your target audience. Cool colours lack impact and are best used sparingly; warm colours are more engaging but should be used with caution. When selecting colours for your graphics, keep in mind that they should reflect your brand’s colours and logo. Using a striking combination of colours is a good way to inspire the reaction you want from your audience.

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Backlit graphics can draw visitors’ attention to key areas of your graphic design. Backlit features such as fret-cuts can be particularly useful for focusing attention on specific areas in your graphic design. The clever use of lighting features also increases the impact of your design.


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