How Mass Mailing Services optimizes customer loyalty

Mass Mailing Services

For business growth, you need to apply effective marketing strategies. Sending of bulk emails to the potential customers and clients is an example of mass mailing services. It’s also the method of communication between a company and its customers or potential customers who have previously agreed to be part of a contact list.

Despite being characterized by its high return on investment and effectiveness, we cannot forget one of its most important aspects: the ability to retain customers.

8 steps for the correct loyalty of clients with the mass mailing services

It is crucial to attracting more potential customers. For business success, it is essential that they be happy so that they continue buying different products or consuming your service. In that sense, customer loyalty should be the tip of the spear for you.

Keep in mind that studies show that it is 6 times more expensive to get a new client than to build loyalty.

You must understand that it is important to capture them with this kind of marketing strategies. Make sure that they continue to be with you and in the end it will be the key to success your business. As should also be these steps to do with the mass mailing services:

1. Segment

The first step of this process is to segment your contact list and generate a correct management of your database. It is vital that you do the following:

a) Understand your audience: you must know your target market thoroughly.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Socioeconomic level

b) Know the needs and problems of your clients

c) Analyze your mailing lists

  • Behavior
  • Customs
  • Interests

d) Customize your bulk mailings

  • Birthday
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Change of season
  • Go by the name

e) Segment the content of your brand according to the interests of each client

f) Establishes a frequency of mass mailing services

  • It is recommended not to abuse
  • Balance sales shipments and value-added shipments
  • Depending on the type of company, it must be one frequency or another

Mass Mailing Services

2. Work the customer service

The second step to follow a proper loyalty process is to work with a feedback system between company and user to function as ‘customer service’.

In order to know what problems your customers have, send:

  • Surveys
  • autoresponders


  • Satisfy the concerns of your customers
  • Earn your trust
  • Improve your products or services
  • Opportunity to add comments to your web page

Being attentive to your customers may involve maintaining a consumer or not. That is why it is important that you respond quickly and appropriately.

3. Interaction

The integration of social networks in your mass mailing services will allow you to force a win-win by creating an interaction between the two parties.

On the one hand, your customers will feel more involved with your brand by responding to comments and interacting with them.

On the other, social relationships will be created among the same consumers who will be responsible for reading your own content. For your brand to be shared even more, do not forget to incorporate social buttons to your campaigns.

Mass Mailing Services

4. Incentives and rewards fidelity

One of the most important steps of loyalty by sending mass mail is the fact of giving exclusivity and encourages your customers.

The key to this ends up being the price because it is the first thing that is valued for a product. That is why you should distinguish between those consumers of your brand that are more active and profitable and reward them.

Make the best possible offer at the best time:

  • Special prices
  • Discount coupons
  • Exclusive content
  • Invitation to events

5. Surprise your client

Try to get out of the way. Leave a mark on your client by unmarking yourself. In that sense, you have to try to put into practice actions that your competition does not perform or that the user is not used to seeing:

  • Anticipate the times: by analyzing your subscribers you can know their interests, and if an important date is approaching them, go ahead and prepare an interesting offer.
  • Offer news: innovate in your content and get new products
  • Get to the heart of your customers with details or attractive experiences
  • It incorporates a striking design in your mass mailings (email marketing applications).

6. Integrates the responsive character

At a time when mobile phones and tablets have become an extension of the human body, it is suicidal not to provide your subscribers with a responsive character to adapt to any electronic device and value their comfort with you.

  • Economic and effective
  • Comfortable
  • Allows segmentation when creating personalized and direct messages
  • Easily moldable
  • Programmable

Mass Mailing Services

7. Content

The elaboration of the content that you offer to your subscribers is also important. You have to plan how to do your mass mailing services in a way that attracts the attention of the viewer.

I recommend you:

  • Publish experiences and stories with which your customers identify
  • Give useful advice
  • Connect emotionally
  • Add landing pages in your interesting post newsletters of your blog
  • Send useful content
  • Make few sales shipments

Mass Mailing Services

8. Keep constant

If what you want is that your business continues to be successful, it will not work with applying these tips during a certain period. It is important that you keep a record and dedicate a time to these steps are fulfilled to continue loyalty and grow.

In addition, you should be analyzing the reports provided by the mass mailing services tools, in the same way that you are introducing variables to improve your results and optimize the attention to your audience.

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