How can technology transform warehouses?

Technology has the power to rapidly transform the logistics and distribution industry. Here are some examples of technology being rolled out in warehouses around the world:

Cloud Management

To keep up in a fast-paced global market, a cloud based system is recommended. Still today though, many firms are using antiquated hardware that relies on an IT professional to be on standby. The benefit of a cloud based system is that it can be accessed and integrated with no downtime. These systems are generally cheaper too.

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Evolving handheld technology

For a while now, we have seen warehouse staff using barcode scanners, for example. However, thanks to new technology, these devices are becoming even more efficient. A whole inventory can be stored on a single device, as well as in-built GPS making theft much less of an issue.

Better design

Space efficiency is just as important as digitising your inventory. It is tempting to cram in as much stock as possible, but technology can now assist by developing an optimal layout for your available space. Having the right shelving will also help in maximising efficiency. Find out more about Shelving Ireland at a site like Rackzone.


Amazon has already started experimenting with both drones and robots. Thankfully at the moment, humans are still required to oversee their deployment, but it is thought that in the future, robotics will be able to pick, pack and even deliver goods.

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Voice picking

Instead of typing into a handheld device, it is now possible to speak the required product into a microphone and a digital system will pick it from the inventory. This makes the process quicker and more efficient.


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