Social Media marketing strategy develop with Social Media trends

Social Media marketing strategy

If you want to achieve online business success, you have no choice but following Social Media trends and Social Media marketing strategy. To bring the best out of it you must make this Social network presence as effective as possible for your potential customers. The world of social networks is very changeable and that is why it is very important to follow the latest news and trends for booming your business.

Here we break down the trends that are triumphing this year and we recommend continuing to get the most out of your Online Marketing strategy in Social Media.

Best Social Media trends 2019

Below we will explore some of the best Social Media trends that you must follow in order to develop a better Social Media marketing strategy.

Streaming or live streaming

Surely you already know all the advantages of including videos within your marketing strategy.

Beyond the viral that can be and the great interest they create, it is advisable to work live or streaming videos.

In recent years, the concept of streaming has made its way into social networks and it is now known that advertising actions that include this type of live material can get up to 10 times more views than those made with videos recorded with anteriority.

This advice can be applied to the vast majority of platforms and in particular to Facebook.

The largest social network in the world has strongly opted for the promotion of streaming videos and its users have adopted behavior that favors the reproduction of this type of audiovisual materials. In addition to the visualizations, the interactions also multiply in the case of live broadcasts.

Fast content – works ephemeral content

There are many experts who call current users of Social Media marketing strategy as content devourers. Every time we get tired before the contents we read and jump from one post to another in search of more interesting articles. Therefore, in the case of social networks, it is highly recommended to bet on ephemeral content to the detriment of more elaborate publications and with a greater information load.

The ephemeral content, also known as fast content are those that seek to retain the attention of users a few moments to improve the brand image of a company.

In order to create this type of content effectively, it is essential that you condense all the information you want to communicate in a way that is attractive to your visitors.

You may want to talk about a specific topic on which you could write the content of 1500 words. However, you should keep in mind that more is less and try to communicate the same in a couple of paragraphs or supporting you in images.

Social Media marketing strategy

Streaming and ephemeral videos – the perfect combination

The combination of the first two recommendations results in a new Social Media trends that are triumphing in 2019.

Although the characteristics of streaming videos make them quite ephemeral, they can be further adapted to a fast content strategy.

For this, it is essential not to make very long content or to provide much information to the user. In the case of streaming videos for fast content, it is preferable to announce at what time the video will start and show attractive content for a short period of time.

Of course, in this case, it will always be important to streams periodically so that you can offer so many contents to your visitors. In addition, in the case of ephemeral contents, audiovisual materials previously recorded are also interesting.

Context Marketing – focused on the context of the user

Long ago that marketing campaigns are segmented based on their target audience and the type of users who might be interested in certain products and services. When developing Social Media marketing strategy and following Social Media trends, it is also possible to perform a segmentation based on the context in which the recipient of an advertising message is located.

The geolocation services of smartphones and the interests that each user shares in social networks and various online platforms allow us to know the contexts of each of them.

Once you have this information, you just need to use it to improve the effectiveness of your ads. This example will make you more clear about the topic:

Suppose that a user is in the main commercial area of ​​his city and it is known that his interests are closely related to basketball. This is an ideal context in which a clothing firm specialized in basketball and with a physical establishment in that commercial area can send an advertising message with high probabilities of effectiveness.

The successful Native Ads for Social Media marketing strategy

Generally, we are all reluctant in some way to believe everything we see in advertising campaigns. The same thing happens both on the Internet and in Social Media marketing.

To prevent recipients of promotional campaigns on social networks from showing this resistance, it is recommended to implement native ads. These are a type of ads that are perfectly integrated into the Social Media trends and content in which they appear, preventing them from being easily perceived as advertising.

It is a trend clearly upwards in recent years and in this 2019 is not being less. In general, native ads stand out for their always respectful and non-intrusive design, so that their integration is favored. A totally opposite technique to the banners that overpopulated many web pages in past decades and that we still see in some internet portals.

Without a doubt, this is the most successful technique at present to make the promotional information you want to communicate reach your customers properly. It is a way to avoid large doses of resistance by users and therefore a great opportunity to convince them of the virtues of your products or services.

Social Media marketing strategy

Use Chatbots and Instant messaging apps

Customer service and the quality of conversations are two essential aspects for users who interact with your profiles on social networks. In general, we all expect to be treated correctly and receive efficient responses immediately. In order to meet these needs, more and more companies get involve with this kind of Social Media trends and choosing to use chatbots or support robots to serve everyone who contacts them through their Social Media marketing strategy.

The main characteristic of chatbots has to do with the response time. Using this type of tools allows users to receive immediate responses and many profiles that can interact with a company simultaneously.

Thanks to supporting bots, waiting times are minimized and user satisfaction increases.

In addition, the great technological development that artificial intelligence has been experiencing allows the use of chatbots to provide competent and accurate answers. In fact, in most cases, users do not even realize they are talking to a robot.

The customer service and quality of conversations with a company can also be improved thanks to the multiple instant messaging apps that exist in full 2019.

Interacting with your customers and potential customers through this type of apps allows conversations to be more natural since they occur in a medium in which they are more comfortable.

In addition, these apps also encourage users to contact companies through the means they use on a daily basis to talk with their friends and family. Of course, chatbots and instant messaging apps are compatible and an excellent solution to get the most out of your conversations.

Influence Social Media marketing strategy

In the same vein as when we spoke of native ads, influencers allow you to communicate your advertising messages avoiding the usual resistance shown by Social Media users towards promotional messages.

If an influencer tells you the confidence in your products and services then it will also increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Trust is a key aspect when buying products or booking services and having influencers will ensure that your potential clients trust what you offer them.

In general, depending on the sector in which you are, you will know different influencers focused on it. For example, if you sell clothes to perform Yoga it would be advisable to have famous professionals of this discipline announcing your products and showing their quality.

It is also possible that the market in which you are focused on is very specific and somewhat unknown. In this case, you may find microinfluencers that can perform the same function as influencers.

The microinfluencers are those people who are highly recognized and respected in a field, but who may not even be slightly known globally.

Choose your Social Media marketing strategy based on Social Media trends

In short, there are many marketing plans and techniques that you can implement to get the most out of Social Media marketing strategy.

For our part, we recommend reflecting on which one or more are the ones that best suit your objectives and capabilities and work them conscientiously.

It is better to correctly implement a couple of strategies than to try to cover all the trends of the moment in an inconsistent way.

And you? Which of these Social Media trends and Social Media marketing strategy are you already implementing in your strategy? Tell us in the comments!

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