Managing Morale – 6 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy & Productive

Employees Happy & Productive

In the hustle and bustle of running a business, managers are often swept up by endless concerns regarding their clients, suppliers, piles of expenses and focusing on their balance sheet to give their employees the time and attention that they deserve. But like with every finely-tuned machine, your business will only stand to suffer if you don’t take your employees’ morale into account. They are what ultimately make any company successful, and like a driver on a racing track, no business owner can hope to achieve victory if the pit team is not functioning at its peak.

Here are six easy ways to keep your employees happy and more productive than ever:

Nifty Gifts

One way to raise morale among the staff is to occasionally offer them some gift in recognition of exemplary performance, special occasions, or just to say thank you for their tireless efforts. Small things like attractive and useful promotional products or a coupon book will go a long way towards making your employees feel appreciated and recognized. You don’t need to shower them with the gifts on a daily basis, but a small birthday present or a meaningful holiday gift will be sure to raise their spirits.

A Pat On The Back

What many employers often forget to do is congratulate their workers on a job well done. Like with the small gifts mentioned above, a bit of verbal praise after a hard day’s work, or closing that big deal can be enough to make any team member feel like their contribution didn’t go unnoticed. A lot of managers disregard this simple, yet effective tactic, and only talk to their employees when giving directions or reprimanding them for mistakes.

Raising the Stakes

Once routine sets in, boredom immediately becomes a factor. Believe it or not, many employees are dissatisfied with their job, primarily due to monotony and lack of motivation. This is why it’s crucial for every manager to provide constant stimulation by setting up new and engaging challenges. A study by the University of Buffalo has shown that productivity increases when higher, but doable, goals towards which to strive are set up for staff. A small win for them will work wonders for your growing business.

Make it Fun

A fun and relaxed atmosphere is crucial for a tightly-knit community of workers to thrive. This doesn’t mean that people should act unprofessionally in the workplace. However, they should be encouraged to take a positive and, where appropriate, lighthearted approach to their tasks and the people with whom they work every day. Feeling comfortable with colleagues increases cooperation and efficiency remarkably, which in turn streamlines the company’s operations.

Show’em the Green

Being cooped up between four walls and under fluorescent lighting for hours every day has been proven to have negative effects on one’s health and overall stress levels. It is thus important for your employees to have as much contact with nature as possible. An office with a nice view or several plants to spruce up the place will end up calming people’s nerves, make them happier and more productive.

Just Get to Know Them

An informal conversation between employer and employee is a definite guarantee to raise morale and increase productivity. Statistics show that employee engagement is key to any thriving business. Just talk to your workers from time to time, and you’ll see just how more involved in their work they become when they feel that their manager is interested in them on a personal level.

Whatever your business, maintaining your employees’ morale at the highest possible levels is the surest road to success.

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