3 Ways To Promote Workplace Safety

The concept of workplace safety varies from industry to industry, with safety being more of an obvious issue in fields such as construction and firefighting. Here are three general safe work practice ideas that can be applied to most industries.

1. Implement a Culture of Safety

An overall workplace culture that focuses on the health and well-being of its workers is a crucial first step in promoting safety in your company. Consider having competitions to see how long different teams in your company can go without a workplace injury. Also create a culture where people feel that they can speak out if they see something happening that could be unsafe, without fear of retaliation.

2. Designate Training Sessions For Safety Issues

Along with implementing a culture of safety, make sure that employees know how to handle applicable safety concerns in the company, and keep them updated on these issues regularly. Even in office settings where safety is not typically a huge problem, it is important to inform employees on matters such as fire hazards in the breakroom and ice on sidewalks. Employees who work from home might benefit from being educated on issues such as ergonomics and having a healthy work-life balance.

3. Encourage Use of Safe Equipment

While the equipment used to perform a job greatly varies by industry, ensure that employees are using the safest and most ergonomic equipment possible when performing their duties. In a warehouse, for example, make sure that pallets are not stacked too high since this poses a risk of falling and injuring someone on the floor. In an office setting, replace old computer chairs every few years and consider setting aside a budget for standing desks and other ergonomically sound furniture.

While some accidents are unfortunately inevitable, implementing ways to reduce injuries should be a top priority for companies, and these are three ways to do that.

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