5 Great Education Business Ideas

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There is a lot of demand in the education sector right now, and more opportunities than ever. The education industry is ripe for disruption, and if you want to jump into it now, you may have chosen the absolute best time possible. One of the best things about starting an education-based business is that you can start as big or as small as you want. There are also tons of educational business ideas that you start from home. Here are some great education business ideas you could consider.

Start a Tutoring Service

One of the easiest businesses that you can start in the educational sector is a tutoring service. You’ll need to have some credentials to be taken seriously as a tutor, and to be efficient at what you do, but you don’t necessarily need to have a teacher’s degree to start tutoring. As long as you are well-versed enough in a subject and feel like you’re competent enough to teach it, then you can become a tutor.

There are multiple approaches that you can take if you want to get into the business. You can start working for an agency or advertise your services on your own. If you decide to stay independent, don’t underestimate the power of traditional marketing techniques like print advertising. Public libraries are a perfect place to advertise your services and just having a sign in the right place could be enough to get you some initial clients.

From then on, you should focus on providing the absolute best service that you can so you can spread your name. Know that you can decide to work with people one on one or with groups. You could also provide tutoring services remotely if you’re tech-savvy enough.

Become an Education Consultant

Another option would be to become an education consultant. Institutions around the country are looking for people who can teach how to use new tools and technologies. They are also faced with a wide variety of challenges like disengagement among students or their teaching staff. If you’ve been working as a teacher for a while, becoming a consultant could be the perfect business option for you. You should know, however, that you may need to get a master’s first as consultants with masters tend to be much more respected. They also have a wider set of expertise and are better equipped to advise serious institutions.

This is why we would suggest that you start looking at a master’s programme right now if you’d like to work as a consultant. And, if you want to be able to keep your job while you study, know that you can always get the degree online. You should check out masters in education online programs from respected names like Exeter University. These programmes are just as rigorous as any other education programme and will give you all the tools needed to be a well-rounded consultant.

Making Educational Toys

The educational toy sector is huge, and if you have the right idea and execute it properly, there is the potential to get very rich in this business. It does require a certain level of commitment and some capital to get started, but it’s not as complex as many people think, especially with the direct-to-consumer options we have today.

You will first need to come up with a concept and a prototype. Once this is done, you should have the prototype reviewed to see if there are any flaws or things that would complicate the manufacturing process. Once the prototype has been approved, you can start looking at manufacturers who can build them on-demand or build inventory. Some manufacturers will also ship toys directly to your customers.

All you’ll have to do next is set up a website and start selling your toy. If you want your toy to gain traction, you should consider working with influencers. Influence marketing is one of the most powerful tools for toys, and if your product is great, working with the right influencer could bring you more business than you can handle.

Create an App

You also have the option of creating an app. There is a lot of demand for apps that can improve cognitive skills, for instance. You could also make an app that will teach younger children how to improve their maths or language skills. What’s great about apps is that they aren’t that expensive to make. You can find a good group of freelancers on sites like Upwork and TopTal and build a nice app on a budget. You can then decide to sell the app or go for a freemium model.

We don’t suggest that you get into this business if you know nothing about apps and how to market them, however. You might be overwhelmed with issues with the app and end up being too dependent on outside expertise. So, make sure that you have some basic coding knowledge first, and if you don’t, consider learning it right away.

Create Online Courses

Creating online courses is another great business option to consider. What makes online courses so great is that you only need to create them once and they can bring you income for years. Online courses are also pretty easy to make, and you don’t need to make a major investment to get started. The most important part here is making sure that you are competent enough to give the course and look at what your competition is doing. It would be wise to look at some courses in your space and see what they are doing well and where you could improve.

Once you’ve done your research, you will need to properly structure your course. You should also look at the diverse online course platforms out there and see what they have to offer. Some of the top platforms to look at include Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Kajabi, and Thinkific.

These are all business education ideas you should consider looking at right away if you want to get into the industry. The time is right to open an education business, and if you have what it takes, you could become very successful if you do everything correctly.

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