The 10 best small creative business ideas in the world to undertake

creative business ideas

Not everyone has the same capital or same possibilities to develop their creative business ideas and also don’t have the same knowledge to start a successful business. So if you get confused about where to start from then take my advice, go start from small.

Small does not necessarily mean the low revenue business plan. The small businesses getting so popular this day just because they are well maintained and their services and products preferred by most of the peoples. A good business concept can be implemented little by little if you follow a proper plan.

The entrepreneurs never give up and constantly hunting for new creative business opportunities that give them great benefits with some little investment. Along the way, they can grow or advance to a new level, but I repeat again they must have to follow an established creative business plan.

Below is a list of 10 creative businesses concept in the world to undertake:

creative business ideas


 If you have a big house and you love to pass times with the little ones, these creative business ideas of setting up a childcare business are just for you. Nowadays most of the parents, both mom and dad are service holder which consume them most of the day and no doubt they cannot take proper care of their young children. It is a difficult task for them to carry out both together, so they will need your services and this will allow you to take care of their children by running your childcare service at home.

creative business ideas


I know, cement cities have almost destroyed all the green but even today there are some people who still want to keep their garden in the yard but do not have time to take care of it as it should be.

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Caring for a garden is not only cutting the grass but also sowing, watering, raking, replanting and caring the plant. With some few tools, you could get in the business of gardening in a short time of period.

creative business ideas

Computer maintenance:

Well, there are many people all over the world who use personal computers and of course, many of them also use laptops, tablets, and smartphones that give you a chance to develop creative business opportunities by providing maintenance service business. You just need some basic knowledge of computer, electronics, and programming. In your service, you can offer a home service to do things like install antivirus software, clean up your desktop, download and install software and applications, change the ink cartridges from the printer and many other works like computer repair etc.

creative business ideas


As I said before, people are very busy these days which ultimately neglect them in their daily household jobs not because they do not like it but due to lack of times.  For that reason, its open the door for developing a creative business opportunity for those who want to start a small business like cleaning.

creative business ideas

Recycling of electronics:

They would not believe it If they know how much old and disused equipment I have in my house. We all have some electronic equipment that no longer uses but here is a good opportunity to start a creative business with this recyclable equipment such as laptops, chargers, cartridges, Smartphone and tablets. From them, I can recover many things like steel, copper and computer components that I can sell to industries and to individuals as well. For doing this business you just need some publicity, a truck and of course a great love for the environment.

creative business ideas

Pet sitting:

An animal lover can get additional income by starting a service for pet care. You can offer the dogs walk, pet baths, combine everything in-between. You can also provide pet ambulances service as well.

creative business ideas

Virtual Assistant:

With today’s technological help, you can find some new ways of doing business like virtual assistants who doing their jobs remotely, all they need is a laptop, a web page and a social networking account like Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

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For example, you can do administrative work to help some business managers as they lack times with doing tasks may hire you to perform service like email message management, customer contact or accounts payable. If you are good at accounting you can offer remote accounting services and the best thing is, you can do that from home.

creative business ideas


You can use all those experience of learning a foreign language to create a very profitable business plan as a translator. Knowing the foreign language such as English, French or Portuguese you can easily implement a good creative business plan, in which you can virtually work like translating the writing script through online.

creative business ideas

Money management analyzer:

Surely this has heard very often in school where they were not taught how to manage their debts and you know it is true. Most of us do not know how to handle a budget and how to handle our debts and other things that make us lose a lot of money. This creative business opportunity is for those who have an ability to lower the operating costs; they can use their talent to help other people who want to cut their electricity bills, telephone bills, and cable and gas bills and have to manage their debts.

creative business ideas

Online Journalist:

Now many companies have websites, blogs and other social networks to promote themselves and their products, but they do not have the right staff or do not have someone dedicated to doing the work of updating for them. This gap can issue creative business opportunities for them because they know to get the desired succeed on the internet.

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They know the website must have to be in the top places of the search engines that favor new, relevant and constantly updated content. Among the content of the web, blog entries, and press releases, there is a huge writing required to promote their website and that way you can implement your creative business ideas.

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