10 Creative Small Business Ideas to start Your Own Business in 2019

Creative Small Business Ideas

You will find thousands of people out there who want to develop their own business from their home, maybe on online or in some physical commercial area. Here I leave some of the most innovative and creative small business ideas to take as a challenge on your way.

Persons, who work so hard and didn’t get the expected reward he deserves, no doubt they will keep searching something good until they got the right one. It’s a good reason to switch the track towards the desired independence they wanted for so long. We all want to be independent and it’s good to be so. Being the own boss is highly appreciated in the current business market.

If you consider yourself one of them and desperately looking for some effective new business ideas, but you don’t know what will be the best to match your goal, here I got some great news for you to start a new business in 2019 for your own.  These kinds of business are mostly anticipated to those pals, who are dedicated to hard work, don’t afraid to take some risk and potential to their desired goals.

10 Creative Small Business Ideas to Develop Your New Business career in 2019:

1. Bicycle repairing workshop

The bicycles have become one of the best alternative transports in recent years. As they tremendously increased in the town, they must need some kind of servicing works now and then. Hence, setting up a Bicycle repairing workshop will be a good business idea. However, there is another option to offer when your business will go to a downtrend. You can offer some of your space for the customers’ bicycles in the winter time.

Although many of bicycle owners fix and repair their own bikes, still there are many others who do not; so this kind of creative business ideas could be very effective if you got some basic knowledge on how to repair bicycles.

 Creative Small Business Ideas

2. Cleaning services

Although you may say these type of concepts are not the best innovative business ideas for many of us. But this type of business concepts can be very effective when they run in many directions. The flexibility of having your own time setup is one of the best advantages for this. For example, you can focus on how to offer cleaning services in some office complex during your free time. The restaurants are also a great source of having a constant demand for cleaning service works. The best you can do is established a home cleaning company that provides house cleaning services in various apartment complex.

I would say this type of creative small business ideas can offer you many chances of success in every single possible sector that offers.

3. Editorial services

This is one of the best business ideas with low investment for the most expansion possible. The best part of this business is you can run the business from your own home if you want and without spending a single penny. Down below a list of services that you can provide for Editorial services are:

  • Corrector: This work will be some sort of text documents that have to be checked before publishing out by a third party. You can grab the responsibilities like checking all grammatical or other minor errors for texts to be more accurate and pleasant.
  • Ghostwriter:

The concept of a ghostwriter is someone who will carry out all the research in the required subject to write the book for clients. Clients will put their name as the main author. You must be very careful before doing such work with this option.

  • Copywriter:

It is basically a professional business writing document that promotes a product or service for clients.

  • Article Writer:

In this business, you can set up a small agency where you can hire some freelance journalist to write articles for your client’s magazines.

 Creative Small Business Ideas

4. Event planner

This is one of the best effective and creative small business ideas that are booming right now in the market and it has several business options to expand. First of all, you can create a catering business platform that offers meals for specialized events like birthdays, weddings ceremonies, corporate celebrations etc…

You can also make some shows that offer the aforementioned celebrations, and offer services like personalizing and making gift details for your client’s specific event. Keep reading opening pet store step by step.

 Creative Small Business Ideas

5. Personal Training

Surely to operate this type of business you must need some experience or a specified license. But I must say it is a great opportunity for them who want to turn their hobby into a good money making business platform.

If you like physical sports and work out in the gym, this may be the ideal business idea for you to take over. Find a local busy area, arrange some specialized employees in it and develop a gym in a neighborhood or a busy point in your city where no other competition exists.

If you are familiar with the world of crafts, you can easily establish a crafts store with necessary materials for it and also offer learning courses in there for interested persons.

There are thousands of low investment creative small business ideas in personal training sector: you can open a library if you are passionate about reading. How about creating a small music school where you can tutor music and teaches playing a musical instrument…

6. Subscription Boxes

This is a very unique business idea that is booming a lot of strength in the recent marketplace. This unique business is all about offering a surprising box with several surprise products of the same theme. Subscribers get the box in every month at their home to try out new products that newly launch in the market.

Customers pay a little fee each month to receive these kinds of boxes in their home that usually contain with 4 and 5 mini size products in the form of samples.

At present, you can get subscription boxes like cosmetics, food, baby product, pregnant goods, household cleaning products, pet accessories…etc.

 Creative Small Business Ideas

7. Moving services

When it comes to house moving, there are many peoples who prefer to hire someone who is willing to do all the heavy work of packing and stuffing their furniture and belongings into a truck.

To grab this opportunity, you can develop a moving company that offers services for long distances house moving. If you do not want to go for long distance leave this to the big transport companies and dedicate yourself to small removals as they are in the same city, or between nearby populations.

If you invest a little more effort into convincing your potential clients… there are huge chances to gain in this type of business track.

8. Repairing smartphones

If you have basic knowledge about the smartphone and know how to repair the smartphones, this could be the best business ideas with low investment. You can also extend it by adding various applications and games, replaces the software, and installs cool themes. These types of creative small business ideas may be the best option to make some good money.

Now most of us have a cell phone of this kind. It is also true today’s phone got more functions than the phones of a decade ago. Using more applications mean a chance to spoil it more often.

On the other hand, buying a new decent smartphone is very expansive. So there are many peoples who refer to find a way to see if they can repair the old one and use it again.

So you can see how dept is the business area where you will get endless customers for this kind of creative business.

 Creative Small Business Ideas

9. Mobile aesthetic services

This business idea is ideal for them who want to set up their own beauty salon, but do not have enough capital to rent a decent premise and all other appliances.

It consists of a “mobile truck “of aesthetic in which you offer some cool services like cutting hair, manicures, pedicures, or facials. The best part of this kind of creative business ideas are, they will give you the ultimate freedom to move around several areas of your city.

To operate the business, you can buy or rent the vehicle, install some appliances and you are all set up to start your own aesthetic company. Of course: you have to make sure providing a decent space for your customers to feel more comfortable in it.

10. Courier services company

Surely you can say this is one of the least creative small business ideas in all above, but have you think this may be the most profitable and effective business idea in this article and you will never lack of your customers. You may wonder why? The great emergence of all these new online stores will make these e-commerce business seeking courier service companies to deliver the ordered product to their customer homes.  Not only that, many physical stores also switched to e-commerce business terms now.

According to many surveys and studies, shopping through the internet is increasingly outpacing sales in e-commerce and obviously, more courier service provider is needed to deliver those online products to the customer’s home.

You know there are thousands of companies in the market, both small and medium, online and offline who sponsored their products every day through contests where they give away their products for people to test them and increase their sales.

Do you know how will they go to deliver those awards? You got that right, courier companies.

 Creative Small Business Ideas

Ending message:

Those were the 10 creative small business ideas I thought will be so effective for them who want to find a way to explore their creativity in the business field in 2019. Every right step toward your desired business goal will definitely come up with your dedication and hard work.

Note: If you have any better idea about business creativity, please leave a comment in the comment section.

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