10 Creative Business Ideas to develop an innovative business model in 2017

Creative Business Ideas

Do you want to start an innovative business model but hesitated to develop some creative business ideas for that? Are you looking for some small business ideas that will serve as inspiration element to start your own business? If both this questions come up with an answer of yes, then this article will definitely help you to draw your interest in business development ideas.

Here I want to share a list of the ten most interesting business ideas that will serve you as an example of those creative entrepreneurs, once who also seek some inspiration in their business career for exploring their best business initiative.

The invitation is to review some of the different innovative ideas presented in this article and encourage you to choose one from them to put your “personal touch” and finally start your own company which you dreamed so many years.

I hope you will find here some of the best creative business ideas in below that match your interest:

Creative Business Ideas

Design and sell original aquariums:

There are lots of people out there, who would like to have an aquarium with some exotic fish in their leaving room as to give the room a cool decoration and many of them have no idea how to do it. So this is the first one in our list of some unique small business ideas.

Now if you think this subject is a good option to develop your creativity by using your imagination on creating some original decorative fish tanks, offering your client to sell nice exotic fish and fish food then these business ideas are perfect for you to start your aquariums business. You can also offer some guides for aquariums maintenance in your business services.

Creative Business Ideas

The business of buying and selling of used items:

Now there is an ongoing crisis that has affected so many countries so badly because of their high consumption of new items. This trend of buying tendency put you an option to develop a business idea to make some good money by setting up a retail store where you offer buying and selling of used items.

People who need some immediate money while getting rid of their old stuff they no longer use will be very handy if they able to sell them for a small amount of money. On the other hand, you can resell that with a higher price when another customer who desperately needs it.

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This is one of the most innovative business ideas that can be carried out to set up a store both ways, (online or traditional).

Creative Business Ideas

Home repair service:

Setting up a professional business services company in terms of home repair is an excellent business idea where you can bring together some of the best individuals in the market (plumbers, welders, masons, electricians, carpenters, locksmiths and other professionals) under the same roof of one company.

This is a very good option for developing some new creative business ideas; all you have to do is a good publicity around your community and try to bring in the best staff for your company.

Creative Business Ideas

Company of wind generators and solar panels:

The visual energy crisis in all over the world is a reality now. The world is increasingly demanding to generate some renewable energy from using the best natural resources such as sun, wind, and water. So if your concern about global warming and try to help our planet with producing some green energy these new innovative business ideas of setting up a company that designs wind generators definitely suit your demand.

On the other hand, by developing solar energy business you can take the advantage of installing and placing solar panels for homes and office complexes. You do not have to manufacture the solar panel since you can import them from the best companies out there who work with these very important sophisticated products.

Creative Business Ideas

Accident prevention consultant:

This is another business opportunity that consists of providing some advice and emergency strategy in some extreme situations such as fires; natural disaster and other unexpected situations where rapid evacuation plans required. You can assign some curtail roles in the fortuitous event. Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, safety masks, first aid kits, ropes, emergency exits, etc can also be offered in your business service.

Creative Business Ideas

Advertising in elevators:

Elevators are a place where you cannot escape but seeing all those ads that stuck in the elevators. You can take the advantage of these innovative ideas to start up your advertising business.

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There are thousands of people who use the elevators every day to get in and out at their home, office and in shopping centers. This could be a good alternative to placing some promo advertising on it to get the best benefit from the commissions you can get for it as a marketer.

Creative Business Ideas

Professional cleaning services:

Developing a cleaning company is another very attractive business concept for them who are seeking some new kind of business ideas that can be operated with a low investment.

This business consists will offer the local communities a most efficient professional cleaning service for residential houses, offices complex, auditorium halls, beaches, etc. All you need to do to set up a company is, try to find out some creative people who have some experience in this field and a good level of professional skills and also you have to lounge a wide publicity campaign to get communication with your future consumers. You can even take a step forward to personally visit some of the companies to discuss what you are offering and what the benefit they can get from your services.

Creative Business Ideas

Recycling the used oil for produce biofuel:

Have you ever heard that the used engine oil and cooking oil can produce some energy? This is one of the most profitable and environmentally friendly business initiatives in our new small businesses list.  We can take the advantage of the used oil by collecting it in the process of generating some biofuels.

You can easily obtain this used fuel from the lubricant replacement shops, big restaurants, and kitchens where they use a lot of vegetable oil and produce a lot of oil waste.

Creative Business Ideas

Office food service:

The most intense working hours in the offices leave a very little space of time to eat a healthy and adequate food and due to this rush hour, there are interesting new business concepts that can be developed. You can create a menu service company with offering some of the great food items that are dedicated to those offices executive who wants to have some healthy food at their workplaces.

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You can offer a weekly food menu card that posted on your business website or on the social networking site and able to take online orders to be delivered the foods quickly during the working hours.

Creative Business Ideas

Gastronomic tourism:

When tourists come to your city, they not only seek the best natural beauty but also looking for the taste of some best local food and drinks in your region.

That is why to specializing in the tourism industry that has a route with some of the most highly gastronomic content and providing the best taste of alcoholic and traditional drinks can be great business ideas to start up your new business which is very cost-effective and the best thing is that you can perform it in your locality.

Conclude with a positive hope:

This was the 10 Creative Business Ideas that I thought will be very effective for them who want to build an innovative business model with a low investment. If these new business ideas that I discuss in this article you think are useful and a great help to you then you can share it with all your friends, family and all other favorite peoples.

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