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How to Decide the Future Objectives of Your Business

In planning your business’s future, determining its objectives is the first step. Once the objectives are determined, you need to formulate strategies to achieve them. The objectives should be specific and measurable so you know what you want to achieve and when. You can further categorise objectives into timed, relevant, …

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Start Strong at Your New Job

The excitement and anxiety of starting a new job can muddle your thinking about what it takes to start strong. If you think you have to be perfect and master everything from the start, your anxiety can skyrocket before your first day even arrives. Focusing on a few essential targets …

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How to be consistent as a currency trader in Asia

Consistency is vital for any currency trader in Asia who wants to succeed. Before you start a career as an FX trader, you should know that it is one of the most volatile and unpredictable markets globally, which means that traders need to be able to adapt to changing conditions …

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