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What is a business coach?

Over the last few decades, businesses have changed the way they interact with customers to improve their reputation and increase sales. Customer suggestions and ideas are taken more into account to improve customer satisfaction. Some companies even go the extra mile by hiring business coaches. But what exactly is a …

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Four domain name FAQs

When setting up a new website, there are a number of questions you may have over the domain name. For those new to web design and/or e-commerce, these could be technical questions about the process of registering a domain name, or strategic questions about selecting an appropriate domain name. Image …

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Who needs a Declaration of Trust?

If you want to buy a property with another person, it’s a wise move to get a Declaration or Deed of Trust. This also applies to anyone who will receive financial help from another person to purchase a property. Here are the times you should have one: Image credit Financial …

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Native American Dance Traditions

Rich and diverse cultural traditions among Native American peoples demonstrate a fascinating variation in spiritual traditions. Dance, as a part of those traditions, play an important role in their cultures. Remnants of these practices survive even today. Hearing rhythmic drum beats and encountering dancers in the regalia of headdresses, festooned …

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Know Your Reasons For Investing

Most folks realize that they need to invest for the future. But, beyond that, their reasons for investing may be a bit foggy. Given that it is such a potentially important component for future financial health, it pays to clarify your reasons. Sometimes this is best done by partnering with …

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