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What exactly is ‘business casual’?

There is a very line between a smart look and appearing completely overdressed, with the work environment one of the most difficult to get right. Thank goodness for the introduction of ‘business casual’, which will often save the day. It is the kind of style that you will often see …

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The importance of brand values

The Internet is awash with information on how to brand your business in the “correct” way. As a lot of this advice can be extremely contradictory, how can you be certain that your branding decisions will yield the most successful results over the long term? Image Credit As a business …

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Communicating with your clients from a home office

When it comes to working from a home office, there are a number of things that you need to consider. This may be the reason you seek the services of a Gloucester Estate Agents such as http://www.tgres.co.uk, to find you a property with extra space for your office. One of …

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Important Elements of Office Design

In today’s connected world, perfect workspaces can be anywhere. Yes, the old saying says it’s all about location but when you’re in a work environment, it’s all about design. The important design elements can determine, not only, the aesthetics and feel of the workspace, but also affect employee productivity, involvement …

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