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When you should work with a HR professional

Effective corporations, with large HR departments, for example, invest a great deal in the value of their people. However for organisations with fewer than 50 workers, the majority of which do not have a dedicated HR specialist, it’s a different environment. If your business is rapidly expanding and increasing, your …

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Employment law facts you need to know

Running your own business is exciting as well as anxious about ensuring that you comply with all the laws you need. When you decide to hire workers, this is magnified as there are a whole host of legal processes and laws that you need to ensure you obey things properly. …

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Writing a business plan for your business

It’s important to know, as a new enterprise, which path you want your young company to take and how to get there. Creating a business plan is crucial to achieving these goals, but if you are trying to draw investors to your business, it is also useful. You might wonder …

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