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Controlling flour dust in a bakery

As you can imagine, when working in a bakery, there’s a lot of flour dust in the atmosphere. It is essential that businesses carry out good practice involving bag opening, tipping and dough mixing. For the health of employees, exposure to dust must be kept to a minimum. The processes …

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4 Benefits of Golf Club Consulting

A golf club has many moving parts and managing all of them can be difficult. From maintaining the greens to staffing the restaurants to servicing the membership, running a successful golf course takes a team of qualified professionals. Using golf club consultants can make that job easier for club management. …

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The use of video when marketing a business.

Video is such a widely used format now that it is no surprise to find it is a useful tool for business marketing. For example, I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this will be aware of the biggest online video service to hit the planet, namely YouTube. What …

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