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Why Do We Still Have Paper Receipts?

It is surprising that shops still issue paper receipts to customers. Proof of purchase may be a good reason for producing receipts, but this old technology is failing for various reasons. If the purchase is an important one and a record of purchase is necessary, the retailer will produce a …

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Seven kitchen gadgets that a chef can’t live without

The world’s top chefs may be the masters of culinary delights, but when it comes to whipping up their delectable masterpieces, they all readily admit that there are some tools they simply couldn’t bear to not have on hand. Image Credit Take a look at the seven gadgets the top …

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Are You Ready for Tax Turning Digital?

Here are some tips to ensure that you and your business remain compliant while Making Tax Digital is being brought in. Image Credit What Is Making Tax Digital? HMRC aims to become a world leader when it comes to digital tax administrations. Making Tax Digital is among the first procedures …

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