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March, 2019

  • 26 March

    Key Directions in the Mining and Metal Industries

    Mining and metal industries have had more than their share of troubles in recent decades. Commodity prices fell while costs rose; public sympathies waned while legislation was introduced and political uncertainties grew. Image Credit In turbulent times, pressures to cut costs and increase efficiency become intense. Here are just a …

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  • 25 March

    How Mass Mailing Services optimizes customer loyalty

    Mass Mailing Services

    For business growth, you need to apply effective marketing strategies. Sending of bulk emails to the potential customers and clients is an example of mass mailing services. It’s also the method of communication between a company and its customers or potential customers who have previously agreed to be part of …

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  • 23 March

    Discover the best APPS for Android of this 2019!

    the best APPS for Android

    Discover with us the best apps for Android of 2019, being able to use them on your mobile, Tablet or on your Android TV. For some time now Android has been one of the best-operating systems, which is linked in a war with iOS to become the best operating system. …

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  • 21 March

    The difference between a scrum master and project manager

    These two roles often get confused, but they are distinct and separate things. When people first learn about the concepts of Agile, they might think the roles sound similar but it’s important to understand the differences between the two roles, where some responsibilities overlap and how they can complement each …

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  • 13 March

    Silicone versus Rubber Hoses

    Which one is the best? These are the basic materials that are used to manufacture hoses, silicone or rubber. So, does one have more benefits than the other? Silicone has the advantage of being highly heat resistant and so can be used for a wide variety of purposes, but does …

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  • 13 March

    Controlling flour dust in a bakery

    As you can imagine, when working in a bakery, there’s a lot of flour dust in the atmosphere. It is essential that businesses carry out good practice involving bag opening, tipping and dough mixing. For the health of employees, exposure to dust must be kept to a minimum. The processes …

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  • 12 March

    4 Benefits of Golf Club Consulting

    A golf club has many moving parts and managing all of them can be difficult. From maintaining the greens to staffing the restaurants to servicing the membership, running a successful golf course takes a team of qualified professionals. Using golf club consultants can make that job easier for club management. …

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  • 4 March

    The use of video when marketing a business.

    Video is such a widely used format now that it is no surprise to find it is a useful tool for business marketing. For example, I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this will be aware of the biggest online video service to hit the planet, namely YouTube. What …

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  • 2 March

    The smart way to switch financial advisor

    If you are an investor, you may want to switch your financial advisor. This could be due to any number of reasons; for example, you may have noticed that your portfolio is not performing as well as it should or there has been a communication breakdown. If this applies to …

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February, 2019

  • 27 February

    How to do business without investing money

    How to do business

    Can you start your business without money? If your answer is yes, tell us how to do business without investing money. Is it really possible? From my point of view, it is possible, although a bit of skill and some creative business ideas are required to achieve it. In today’s …

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